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Saw Blades Tools

DS 1501

DS 1502

(a) Manufactured from Hardened & Tempered High Carbon Alloy Steel and Nickel Chrome Steel Strips.
(a) Manufactured from hardened and tempered High Carbon Steel strip. Used manually by applying Straight Vertical Handles on the sides of the blade (Kunda can be provided for the Handle Attachment).
(b) Available in Bright, Black and Satin Finish.
Working : For Cutting Wood Logs
Narrow Band Saw Blade : 10mm and goes up to 76mm wide.
Wider Band Saw Blade : Above 76mm up to 250mm wide.
Thickness : 0.50mm to 1.60mm
Teeth : Cross Cut teeth and Ripping teeth.
T.P.I. : 1 to 5.
Working: For cutting small Logs.
Thickness: 14Gaugeand16Gauge
Length: 4 to 8feet with half footgap.
Teeth : Shape and SAP Teeth

DS 1503

DS 1504

(a) Manufactured from High Carbon HARDENED & TEMPERED STEEL.
(b) Available in Bright, Black and Satin Finish
Working : Used in Cutting Wooden Boards.
Sizes : 12 to 48 length in various thickness
Teeth : In both Reverse (Push) and Advance (Pull) Bowelled Teeth
Standard Packing : 6 Blades in each box.
Working : Specially for cutting Huge Wood Logs used manually by applying handles the ends of the blade
Thickness : 14 Gauge and 16 Gauge
Length : 4 to 8 feet with half foot gap
Teeth : Commonly Available in Ripping Teeth
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